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Personal Injury

Another person’s negligence can instantly turn your life upside down. When you’re involved in an accident caused by someone else’s actions, Aaron Brown Injury Law is here to fight for you and give you the opportunity to focus on what’s important: getting healthy.

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Workers' Compensation

We never anticipate getting injured at work, but when it happens you should be protected. Our team will help you file for workers’ compensation in Nebraska to ensure you receive the proper medical care and financial compensation you’re due.

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Car Accidents

When you’re involved in a car accident that results in injury, the process that follows can be difficult to navigate without help. Our team will do all the heavy lifting involved in ensuring you receive the full compensation you’re due from the insurance company.

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Truck Accidents

The aftermath of a collision with a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds can be devastating for everyone involved. Trucking and insurance companies will fight to protect themselves in the event of a trucking accident, so let our team fight for you so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

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Truck Driver Injuries

Truck drivers are out on the road on a daily basis and should be taken care of when they get hurt. Whether injured in a collision, from dealing with landing gear, or getting hurt by falling freight, we help truck drivers from around the country obtain the Nebraska workers’ compensation benefits they are owed.

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Aaron Brown Injury Law offers workers’ compensation and personal injury legal services in Omaha and across the entire state of Nebraska. We’re also proud to represent truck drivers throughout the country that file workers’ compensation claims against Nebraska employers.
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It's Not About the Money...

I chose Aaron Brown solely on the letter I received when I first was injured on the job. Unlike the other 40 or more letters I received, it was the only one that I felt was personally written to me. Aaron Brown is truly one of a kind. He has helped me thru this process like I am a family member. He got me the care I need when I thought it was hopeless. I don't think of Aaron Brown as my lawyer, he is part of my family now. Thank you Aaron for all you have done, and are continuing to do.

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Attorney Aaron Brown is ready to fight for you following your personal injury or workers compensation case. Aaron will listen to you and help you move forward following the injuries that happened to you. Contact the firm to get started on your journey toward recovery.